About DBS


Jan Tomaselli,
President & Sole Owner

Founded in 1992, Dependable Building Services is a commercial contractor that performs HVAC, electrical, fire suppression, and construction.

Our focus is commercial, retail, industrial, and the telecom industries. Our footprint covers all of Illinois and Wisconsin along with Northern Indiana.

Dependable began as a two person operation and has steadily grown over the last 20+ years to more than 30 technicians. We’ve done this through quality service and customer retention, but most importantly through client referrals and constantly increasing our service offerings. Over time, our clients have given us additional opportunities and treated us as an integral part of their team.

The foundation of our company is our employees. Our technicians average 15 years of experience and have been with Dependable an average of eight years. Additionally, our office staff understands building services. They’ve been on jobs and from direct knowledge are able to expertly communicate with our clients about their locations and equipment.

Whether you have an HVAC problem, an electrical issue, or you’d simply like to replace your fire extinguishers, is your one call.

At Dependable, we provide top level service while offering a standard of professionalism and communication not found in the industry. We have set protocols and escalation procedures to ensure your needs are always being met. In addition, we are uniquely situated in our industry: we are large enough to handle any of your service needs, but small enough to quickly implement any necessary protocols you may have.

Give us a call; you’ll discover why not only national companies, but also small mom and pop shops have chosen Dependable as a necessary partner for their facility needs.


Jan Tomaselli
President and Sole Owner
Dependable Building Services